Up to 100 times faster than DSL products, we can deliver speeds of 1Gbit/s Symmetrical connection (upload speed=download speed).

For over a decade Channel Communications has provided high speed, high availability Fixed Wireless Ethernet services to the business market. Our Partner is an ASX Licenced Telecommunications Carrier that owns and operates the largest Fixed Wireless network in Australia. Our network can be configured for Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point, Layer 2 and Layer 3 Internet connectivity.

The network is ideal for high speed and high volume broadband applications including:

  • Web and email server hosting
  • Client internet and/or VPN connection
  • Server applications-terminal server, SAP, etc.
  • IP telephony (VoIP)
  • Video conferencing and telepresence
  • E-commerce applications
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • High-speed, high volume data transfers
  • Multi-media

We constantly upgrade and operate the latest state of the art Wi-Max.

We have interconnectivity to all Major Telco’s IP VPN to allow connectivity with other technologies, e.g. Fibre, xDSL, Ethernet.

We use both class licenced and apparatus licenced radio spectrum. State of the art encryption and security features provide the highest level of security and reliability that is commercially available. Customers are connected to the world by placing one of our radio transceivers on their building. This transceiver is connected to our Fixed Wireless Ethernet network via a high speed wireless connection. The transceiver connects to the customers network via a standard CAT5 cable and is presented as Ethernet for connection to any computers, firewalls, routers or other Ethernet devices.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet Product Overview.pdf
Security Brief.pdf
Wireless Service Level Commitment and Terms and Conditions.pdf

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