Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) - Fast, Secure, Reliable

The Channel Communications VPN solution is an innovative networking solution that is designed to reduce or eliminate the hard work and technical issues involved in setting up Wide Area Networks.

Not only does the VPN solution reduce the hassles of implementing a WAN, it offers an extremely cost competitive alternative to dedicated site-to-site links via ISDN, Frame Relay and DDS. The Channel VPN has the added benefit of enabling many-to-many connectivity and the ability to add or remove sites from the VPN at will without difficult and time consuming reconfiguration for our clients.

The Channel VPN does not use the Internet to carry data from site to site. Utilising the private ATM backbones and world class IP switched networks, Channel Communications is able to establish affordable intra-state and nation-wide networks for businesses of any size.

Removing the Internet from the WAN equation means businesses are no longer required to implement tunnelling techniques (PPTP, IPSec, GRE, etc.) and encryption to ensure data integrity and security over their WAN. With the Channel VPN solution, our clients' data never leaves our private network and is terminated on a server dedicated to our end customer.

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